group meetings are on Thursdays at 6:30 pm at Sylvan hills Baptist church 

3584 Hwy 376 S, Camden Ar 71701

All prior military and emergency responders welcome

We are a Non-profit organization based out of South Arkansas with the set goal of providing Emotional, Financial, and Crisis support for all prior military and emergency responders (i.e. Firefighters, law enforcement, and EMS). The men and women who are always there in your time of need. The ones who signed on the dotted line to lay down their life for yours in war zones around the world so that your hometown wouldn't become one. Or the ones who have the courage to walk into the flames to make sure your family is all out safe. Those who do their best to keep your communities safe so that your children can play outside without worry. The people who know every second counts and do everything they can to get you to the hospital in time.

On your darkest days these are the people who make sure your not alone. They're your shoulder to cry on, the rocks you lean against, and the saviors you hope for. They share in your grief and trauma on tho push it down and run to the next person who needs them. They carry it with them everywhere just as you do but with so many more added. Why do we let them carry the burden alone? 

You all have stood for us day in day out and it's past time we show our gratitude and stand for you.


We will offer group counseling sessions led by other veterans or emergency responders. No one knows how you feel and the thoughts going through your head better than your brothers.

One on one sessions will also be available .


We all know life gets a little hard at times and we're here to help. 

We will help pay bills, buy groceries, Birthday/Christmas presents or any other unexpected payments that come your way. All assistance will remain confidential unless otherwise specified.



You are not alone! Too many of our brothers and sisters are needlessly lost everyday. We are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter the time or issue! Had a long day? Call us! Having night terrors? Call us! Any time for any reason, we're here! 


Our Non-profit works solely off the good graces of others and we hope that there are more people out there that care for our prior military and emergency responders as much as we do. We are just starting out so our services are unfortunatly limited at this time. We are needing help to get a building that is suitable to provide everything we need for our nation's heroes. Once we have a building we would be able to provide room and board to any that are in need of a place to go for a few days or are in a crisis situation. Whether it be to get away from it all to let their mind settle, they need someone to lean on, or because things are a little too rough at home at the moment. We will also be able to hold our group meetings in a comfortable setting.  No donation is too small and we appreciate any and all support your willing to give.  Please help us to help those who were willing to give up everything to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Contact Information

President: Rex Nelson 870-725-6785

Treasurer: Milanda Baugus 870-725-6286


Facebook: Shielded Warriors
Our phones are open day or night. Give us a call!!


We'd like for give a big shoutout to Mr. and Mrs. Hart for their donation of the use of their church to hold our group sessions for now. Thank you so much for standing with our heroes!!